The Sounds I Make

Music.  One of the most integral parts of  the human experience.  Whether one claims a genre as their particular favorite or not, the human body has it’s own internal drum.  The heart continually plays its beat for us, and if we take the time to listen, it is one of the most beautiful that we have ever heard.  It’s the sound of life.

As with most of the interesting and cool things that I have had the opportunity to learn here at OSU, my Freshman Seminar class has again shared with me another valuable skill.  Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to learn from one of the most talented individuals that I have encountered in my undergraduate experience, Elijah Aaron.  Both last semester and currently, he plays for my contemporary dance classes.  He makes the most incredible music, and in my Seminar course, he’s been sharing with us how he does it: GarageBand.

I have never even considered making my own music before, but I learned that it’s actually a really valuable skill to have, especially in the field in which I am.  GarageBand is a music program created by Apple.  It allows you to play and record your own sounds or use pre-recorded tracks and loops that are within the program itself.  It allows you to make basic or really intricate and professional pieces of music.  It eliminates the issue of copyrights for performers because one can generate everything on his own.  In all of our classes, Elijah gave us the opportunity to make a piece of music, first just playing with loops, then sound scores, and finally combining the two together.  I found that it was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and that I was able to draw inspiration from my current mood or the day’s experiences.  Each time that we were working on our pieces, I found myself wishing for more time in order to continue working.

Music has always played a large role in my life.  As a dancer, music drives my body to move, but it expands beyond that for me.  I have used music as an expression of my faith in praise to my God.  Music provides a constant form of empathy for me as well.  There’s a song for every emotion or feeling, happy or sad.  I use it to escape from the world around me at times when I want to remove myself from situations and find peace.

I think that now that I am able to create my own sounds, I will be able to make more impactful dances.  I can tailor the music to exactly what I want both in length and emotion.  It also adds a bit of diversity to my skill set as I move on into to world and seek employment.   Assuredly, I will not forget what I have discovered through GarageBand.

You can check the pieces I’ve made here at . Inspired by my early morning walk to class in the rain, “Thunder + Laughs” is a product of sounds from both GarageBand and  Check it out. 🙂


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