Adventures in Choreography

This semester I had the pleasure of being involved in a number of pieces of choreography.  As the semester began, I auditioned for a  piece by Noelle Bohaty, an MFA candidate in the department.  She chose to accept all six of the dancers that auditioned for her; all of us were freshman.  This experience was very educational for me.  Originally, Noelle was creating the work as part of a MFA class she was taking with BeBe Miller, but she decided to adjudicate it for the Spring Sneak Peak performance that was to take place in April.  Sitting in on the discussions that Noelle’s class had after every showing was a really eye-opening experience for me as well.  I learned much about the choreographic process and the many things that have to taken into account as one is creating work.  This was a very nice compliment to the Dance Composition class that I was already taking.  BeBe especially offered tidbits of advice or suggestions that caused me to seriously stop and ponder my movements and the choreographic direction that we were being given.  Noelle’s style of directing was unique too.  We didn’t work linearly, but rather we created phrases, manipulated them, kept playing and exploring, and before knew it, we had an entire piece.  Noelle entitled it “between us; or bare.”  This was my first opportunity to perform as a member of the department; I was very excited to see our hard work and many hours spent in rehearsals on Sunday afternoons pay off.  I am very proud of myself and my cast members.

In addition to performing for the Spring Concert, I was also involved in two Music and Choreography pieces for upperclassmen within the department.  Music and Choreo is a class that is offered as a sort of upperclassmen level composition class; they explore group choreography.  The assignment that I was a part of was to create a work to one piece of music, and then recreate it to a different song.  I danced for Kimberly Isaacs and Jada Green.  The two of them created very different pieces, and it was very interesting for me to watch and learn about choreographing from them as well.  Even though the pieces were being performed for a class, there was still a great deal of commitment and time required.  We had several rehearsals and worked very hard to produce the works.  It was lengthy and tiring process, but I can definitely say that it was worth it.

These three pieces account for a large majority of my time spent outside of class during this semester.  I was super busy, but it was a good, fulfilling kind of busy.  They were a part of what made my 1st year experience so grand.  Thanks to them for allowing me to be a part of their endeavors!


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