Back Home…

I couldn’t have said it any better myself….

Lilianna Kane

imageimageimageI am currently sitting in a cafe on 9th ave and 21st street. I just dropped off my resume at a restaurant across the street, hoping they will call me back and give me the hostess job that I applied for. There is traffic going by, people in a hurry all around, a breeze, hot air, and smells of cooking food. My body and mind are here, but at the same time, they are still in San Jose. It’s very surreal to experience such an incredible experience and then all of a sudden be back in your personal daily grind, as if you have been in it all along. It feels like just this morningimage I was “passing through” (a dance process/game/technique) with Jimmy, Grei, the other ticas and ticos, and the 22 other osu dancers. It feels like I’m just a short walk away from my host home; as…

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