Service, Nerves, & Honor – a Quick Update

So much has happened since I last posted.  First, let me apologize for falling off my bi-weekly plan.  Hopefully, I will resume my regular schedule now.  Keep reading to find out what’s been keeping me away from you all…

Spring Break. This school year, I’ve been talking about how much I wanted to get more involved in community service.  That being said, I was very interested in going on a Buck-i-SERV, OSU’s alternative break program, trip over SB this year.  I ended up getting on a bus full of 49 other people I had never met before, and driving down to Biloxi, Mississippi for one of the best learning experiences of my life.  I spent two days in a swamp removing an invasive species that was harming the environment (if you know anything about me, you know this was a big deal for me!), painted baseball facilities, went kayaking on the Mississippi River, and even spent a day in New Orleans where the beignets were every bit as good as I was told.  However, what stood out to me the most on this trip was learning about Hurricane Katrina and the very real affects it is still having on the community there in Biloxi.  We would ride around town, and I would be struck by this thought, “Wow. This used to be completely submerged under feet of water.  None of this used to be here.”  I was in the 5th grade when Katrina hit; it was something that never really had a lasting affect on me that had suddenly been brought sharply into focus.  I also felt that it was incredibly powerful that we came and partnered alongside folks who had worked in their communities for year without much support.  It seemed to me that we came alongside them and said, “Hey.  We see you.  We believe in you. Let us help.”  That’s a powerful and necessary message to share.

Senior Project Proposal. I’ve been talking about my senior project as if it has been a done deal for several months now.  However, while I have long known what I wanted to do, recently, I official turned in my first (and hopefully only) draft of the official project proposal. It will be reviewed by a committee, and Lord willing, it will be approved.  I am so incredibly excited to formally begin the process, but a bit nervous as it makes its way through the committee.  My project is unapologetically pro-Black and rooted very firmly in my own personal experiences.  I was quite concerned that it would be taken the wrong way until an old friend shared a message of encouragement with me: “It’s your truth, and it deserves to be heard.”  I’m resting at peace in that now.  My perspective and thoughts have value.

SPHINX.  Sphinx is senior honorary here at OSU and is the oldest honorary on campus; it was founded in 1907.  On Friday, I had the honor of being “linked” into the family.  Sphinx is one of the oldest traditions on campus, and I am incredibly proud to become a part of that legacy.  I’m looking forward to developing 23 new friendships over the course of the next year.  What made it even more special was the fact that my mom flew in to surprise me.  I was making the “Long Walk” from one end of the Oval to the other when I saw her and promptly burst into tears. My dear friend Dominique had called her months in advance to tell her I had gotten in so that she would have the opportunity to make arrangements to be here for me.  It was such a well-timed blessing to be able to celebrate such a momentous occasion with someone who loves me and to spend a relaxing weekend away from campus.  I think it was just what I needed to power through the next few weeks.

Looking ahead.  This coming week is the premier of my latest choreographic work, a trio, entitled Nou Led, Nou La.  I am so excited to be presenting our months of hard work, and to be on the other side of the stage for once.  You can visit here for more information about the entire concert, showtimes, and tickets.

Be blessed!

Love and Light,





  1. Kylee- Welcome to the Sphinx “family” – I took the same long walk 37 years ago, and also remember my Mom being there with my closest friends. It’s a great honor – particularly so since the class of impressive people ahead of you selected you to to honor you and join them. Sounds like you’re continuing to get the full “experience”, including a trip to Biloxi – all grist for the mill for a developing artist! Hope to see you soon again.

    1. Thank you so much Mr. Desch! It’s such an honor to be linked into such a legacy. I hope to live up to the standard that men like you have set before me! As always, it was good to see you at the BLF Graduation Celebration.

  2. As you know, we are thrilled about your growth and development that has taken place thru your OSU education and experiences. We are also so very proud of all of your accomplishments and the the recognition and honors that you have received. Proverbs 18:16 and Jeremian 29:11 are truly being fulfilled in you and your life. We are tremendously and continuously blessed to have you as our BooBaby!

    We Love You,

    Mom & Dad

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