Artist Statement

I dance because it’s my calling.  If I were not to dance, I would be presenting a facade of my true self to the world.  I dance because I cannot not dance.  I dance because it is what I was put on this earth to do.  When God shaped my body and breathed life into my soul in my mother’s womb, He gave me many things, but I believe the greatest of these is the insatiable desire to dance.  It is in my soul and spreads out through my entire body, oozes from my toes and fingertips.

Dance is my freedom and escape, and yet, sometimes it is my biggest burden.  It is my gift; my offering to the world.  I believe that dance is one of the most powerful art forms available to man.  Through it we are able to share our life experiences.   I dance because I want to reach the masses.  I want to share my heart with them, and have them take away what they will.  I think one of the most amazing things about dance is the fact that it is somewhat subjective — what it means to me as I dance, does not necessarily equal what the audience takes away from it.

I dance because I want to be a force for positive change in dance society.  I want to open up my world to everyone.  I want to share this amazing and incredible art form with people of all ages, sizes, colors and creeds so that there is no longer a “type” or a “wrong body.”  Dance should be, and is, for all.


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