My First Ohio Winter

Snowy Ohio

Burrrrr…. Ohio is so cold! We actually missed the first two days of the semester due to frigid “dangerous” subzero temperatures.  Literally, I left my dorm twice in two days, and that was only to get food.  There came a point when my stomach reached a hunger level that was higher than my fear of dying of frost bite.  But from the warm comfort of my room, I have actually always thought that the frigid, nature of my new home is quite beautiful.  I spent several years in Michigan when I was little, and I have many happy memories of playing in the snow with my little brother.  I haven’t done much playing outside here, but I have definitely increased my appreciation of God’s great creation, even when it is strong, mighty, and freezing cold.  I am bundling up, trying to keep warm, and enjoying the snowy adventures that my friends and I are forced to go on.  Don’t worry, Ohio, you haven’t scared me off yet.  It’s going to take a lot more than a couple -5 degree days.

In the midst of this 18 credit hour semester, I am learning how to use photoshop in my Freshman Seminar class.  The photo featured in this post is a result a couple hours spent on a cold, snowy January Sunday hanging out in the media lab in Sullivant Hall, our new, amazing dance space.  The original photo was blurry, and for some reason that really appealed to me.  For there, I played with the levels, exposure, and filters of the photo.  I also added some sparkly stamps to the photo to play off of the sparkly nature of the snow.  Finally, I added some text to the photo which goes along with the wintery theme of the photo and this blog post.  Hope you like it! Stay warm, you guys.