Sloopy’s Diner

The Truth about Serving

For our final in my Freshman Seminar Class, we were instructed to do a study on the human body.  The project consisted of three parts: a physical “one hour” study of anything relating to the human body, a written final evaluation of that study, and this blog post.

Photo Credit: Kylee Smith

For my one hour study, I decided to look into how people carry themselves and interact in certain situations.  Specifically, I wanted to observe the wait staff of a restaurant; I was looking for changes in demeanor, posture, and/or body language in the servers as they worked with tables of differing demographics.  I chose Sloopy’s Diner, a restaurant located here on campus at Ohio State.

Ultimately, my plans and reality came together to create something that I had not quite expected.  Before the study, I thought that I would be able to see many clear, different changes in the body language/posture of all the servers.  I found that in general, the majority the servers had a very kind, pleasant, and professional attitude with all of their customers.  I was pleased find some form of what I had hoped to see in two of the four servers I observed.  I have prepared a Prezi presentation in the link that follows to share my findings with you all. The Truth about Serving Prezi