South Carolina

My Midwestern Experiences

Photo Credit: Gabriella WiltzMy Ohio State experience so far has been incredible.  Everyday, I am thankful that God provided and made the way for me to be able to attend this school.  I miss my family and home tremendously, but I know that this is the place that I was meant to be.  Ohio State is literally the school that I always dreamed of attending, and as I began to really begin my college search/application process, I didn’t think existed for me as a dance major.

One of the things that I love most about OSU is the fact that it affords its students so many unique opportunities.  From the involvement fair that they held to the first Sunday of the school year to all the amazing guest speakers and organizations that they bring to campus.  The president of Somalia is coming to speak soon, and I desperately wish I could be in attendance.  Unfortunately, the session is already full, and I have class during the time at which he will be here.  Hopefully, there will be more prominent world leaders that will be here during the year who’s speeches will fit into my schedule.

Also, I am completely overwhelmed and swept up in the fantasitic sense of school spirit that we have here at OSU.  It is truly a Buckeye Nation.  If you have nothing else in common with someone else, it will almost always be that incredible “Buckeye Pride.”  I am also delighted by the fact that we have a really good reason to be proud of our athletic department — our teams are pretty darn good!


I am anxiously awaiting the complete arrival of fall.  As a South Carolina girl (the best in the world!), I am sure I will miss these warm, summery days, but as a resident of a non-air conditioned residence hall, I relish the moments that I get to spend anywhere that’s cool!  However, I am certainly enjoying my first semester as a college student and couldn’t be happier to be experiencing it here at THE Ohio State University.