Wayne McGregor

There’s Some Thought Behind It

In my freshman seminar class, we are currently embarking on a journey to learn about and do some of our own dance research.  It is a topic that can be confusing and unclear at times.  Our most recent assignment was to watch some videos about dancers that have made interesting discoveries about dance because they have decided to give thought to some of the intrinsic qualities of humanity and dance.

Dancer and choreographer Wayne McGregor explains the link between creativity and dance very articulately in his 2012 TEDTalk.  He explores different kinds of physical thinking in a live, onstage look into choreography.

Shedding more light upon how dance can be related to thought and even hormones, Peter Lovatt shares some really interesting thoughts and in depth research on how, as humans, we are all dancers.  In fact, women are statistically more attracted to men that can dance well; those that do have higher levels of testosterone.